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“Language fascinates me. As a visual artist, people assume that I am not a ‘language person.’ Yet, we must never forget that over 80 percent of interpersonal communication is visual, and therefore as a graphic designer and fine artist, my mission is to help people discover this form of language and equip them with tools to better communicate in the visual language.” — Sarah Morrigan on her artistic endeavour.

Since I was a small child, I perceived the world in images. I related to things through their positions, shapes, colours and textures. Even when I was learning words, I visualized parts of speech, prefixes and suffixes as though I was stringing beads or coupling and decoupling trains. In my multicultural upbringing, I knew that the visuals communicated across cultures though they were never “universal.” Likewise, each culture (and within such a culture, subcultures and classes) has its own visual aesthetic sensibilities (how the visuals manifest themselves) even as the fundamental unity of the aesthetics never change anywhere in the world.

As a fine artist my aim is to communicate certain traditional ideas, beliefs and cosmology that are primarily based in the metaphysics and in the mystical. In my commercial graphic design practice, likewise, my goal is to communicate the values, visions and ideals of my clients as they manifest in the context of their markets, geographic and demographic segments and cultural backgrounds.

Sarah Morrigan
Iridia Creative Productions

p.s. My congratulations to Kacey Teel on the upcoming grand opening of the Southeast Grind coffee house (previously the Fireside Coffee Lodge) on Southeast Powell Boulevard! 


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