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Free for all download: 10-up business card template for Scribus

Here’s a template for U.S. Letter size 10-up business card sheets, such as Avery 8879.

Download here (GZipped Scribus Layout file)


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Art show opening Sunday, June 28

The Five Rogues plus One

a group show

Darren W. Alexander | Troy Ennis | Larry Patrik May | Rick Miles | C. J. White


Sarah A. Morrigan

June 28 – August 17, 2009

Opening Reception: Sunday, June 28, 2009 – Noon

First Presbyterian Church of Portland

1200 SW Alder St

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“Green Iris”: Environmentally sustainable practices at Iridia Creative

Iridia Creative Productions is committed to a “green” business practice in purple iris style!

  • Low-power computing equipment. The newly purchased computer consumes on average 20 to 25 watts, about a half of a typical computer, to reduce the carbon footage and thermal emission.
  • Non-toxic paints. Whenever possible certified non-toxic paints are used — especially for window painting
  • Electronic, paperless billing. To reduce paper use all invoices are sent and processed electronically.
  • Sourcing recycled art supplies. Many of fine art works are made from recycled or reused supplies to reduce waste in landfill and to save energy needed in production of new art supplies.
  • Commitment to open-source computing platforms and commercial application of open-source software. GNU/Linux and other open-source projects help people reuse older computers. At Iridia Creative Productions almost all work is done on open-source platform.
  • Encouraging bicycling and public transit use.

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Free for all download: The least you need to know about writing a web page

Sarah’s introduction to basic HTML skills.

Download PDF

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Free for all download: Postcard template for Scribus

Here is a standard postcard template that meets the United States Postal Service specifications. The blacked-out area “For USPS Use Only” is where the address and USPS barcode go. Simply click on the blacked out area and hit the delete (DEL, not backspace) before printing or exporting.

Download template

This file should open automatically if you have Scribus. If for some reason if you see a decompression software starting, you can either extract the .sla file, or simply start Scribus and open the .sla.gz file.

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It’s your business. Dream it up, and do it, in style.

Download problem fixed: Use this link to download any of the ads below in PDF.


Download the PDF version of this ad.

Looks matter.

Download PDF version of this ad.

The future never was

Download PDF version of this ad

sweet home?

Download PDF

ready for your date?Download PDF

Iridia Creative Production has launched a new marketing campaign and doing it in style! The tagline here is “dream it up, and do it, in style.” More than anything else, small businesses and community organizations are manifestations of someone’s visions and dreams. Entrepreneurs literally “dream up” — envision, innovate and create — and set the world of the future in motion. In this difficult time it is a common temptation to cut down on what one may perceive as “non-essentials.” As a result businesses become too boring and sterile for owners, employees and customers alike (remember that it is the experience that counts in all aspect of turning up the profit), innovations are stymied, and customer communications suffer. I believe that the time has come to do it — and get it done — all in style. Even if heaven forbid some people were to fail, I’d like to see them fail in style, not just fail like a roadkill.

For the rest, I am here to help you achieve what you dream up — in style.

June 16, 2009 at 12:15 pm 2 comments

Free for all download: Task list

Here is a colourful PDF task list for you and even your kids. It is another way to help you plan and accomplish, all in style. Enjoy!

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