What a busy month!

October 2, 2010 at 9:04 am Leave a comment

As many of you already know, I started my post-graduate studies this past spring (majoring in feminist theology — with a plan to add fine arts major in the near future) and I have fifteen credit hours this fall semester.  Fortunately three of the classes either end early or start in November, so I need to handle only three classes at a given time.

So far I have completed 6 credits

  • 02.02.001 – History of Goddess Worship
  • 04.01.001 – Ecology and Spirit

and have 15 credits by the end of this term

  • 01.01.002 – Anthropology of Shamanism
  • 01.01.006 – The Shaman
  • 02.02.004 – Introduction to Thealogy
  • 03.08.001 – Contextualizing Women in Religion
  • 03.08.005 – Feminist Theology 1

(Why are the shamanism courses given 01.01.x prefix?  The college originally was founded as a training centre for shamans, now it is one of very few truly interfaith seminaries that is not tied to any specific religious institution and encompasses many non-mainstream faiths.)

In addition to this, I have two art shows opening in November (coincidence) and potentially one more that I might enter as well:

And also I have just joined the new curatorial team at the 100th Monkey Studio in Southeast Portland — this involves the organizing and promotion of the monthly art shows, and gives me a valuable practical experience from the side of those who run a gallery.  (In addition, it gives me a studio membership, which is great, as it is always nice to have a dedicated space to work on art.)

How do I get time for all this?  The fact is I operate almost round-the-clock, except when I am sleeping for about 6 hours.  My biggest challenge is to stay focused on the task at hand and have a determination to get it done.

And yes, I still volunteer as a GED tutor at the Julia West House (4 hours/week).


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