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Free Scribus (1.3.9) business card templates for Vistaprint and Nitroprint

These free templates are made specifically for Scribus 1.3.9 or later.  They will not work with the 1.2.x and earlier versions, as Scribus has made a significant changes recently.

Business card template for Download

Business card template for Download

Remember: Actual file you upload when ordering cards must be PDF, fonts embedded, CMYK (process colors) and set for printing (not “screen/web”).

Bonus: If you are a U.S. or Canadian user of Scribus, you may be getting tired of having to set the pages to Letter size every time instead of default A4.  Here is a blank U.S. Letter size sheet with measurement in inches.


For other popular Scribus templates on this site go to!


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Artist’s conception: Bicycle racks for “the world’s greenest church”

A story of a church bicycle rack

This is a certain large-sized historic church in the Pacific Northwest, with a building that is over a hundred years old.  The church has recently been working on an initiative to make it the “world’s greenest” church (as far as its denomination is concerned) and one of the first ideas that came up was to build bike racks, entirely from salvaged, repurposed and recycled materials.  Here I have made a conception design with used bicycle frames that were turned upside down and welded into a visually pleasing piece of public art that also double as durable bike racks.

Graphic made with Inkscape, converted and slightly edited with GIMP.  The name of the church is blurred out by request.

Thanks to for the mention.

Sarah Morrigan, IrisCat Designs

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November: Sarah’s art all over Southeast Portland! Come to one or all!

By pure coincidence various opportunities opened up for exhibit opportunities this summer, and they are all opening during the first week of November (coming very soon!).

Thursday, November 4 (One day only, only three hours!), 7-10 p.m.
Sometimes a Great Notion
Siren Nation Women’s Arts and Music Festival
at Albina Press on Hawthorne
5012 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 97215
(Event info:

Friday, November 5 (the show runs through December 31)
Opening party 7 p.m.-9 p.m.ish
The Portland Tarot Show
at Splendorporium
3421 SE 21st Avenue 97202
(Event info:

Friday, November 5 (the show runs through the end of the month)
Opening party 6 p.m.-midnight
Facing Fear
at Launchpad Gallery
534 SE Oak Street 97214
(Event info:


More updates follow on Twitter (@SarahMorrigan) or Facebook (search for IrisCat Designs).

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Be green, support local business, get a reusable cup.

Southeast Grind reusable cup with design by Sarah Morrigan

For those who remember, I have designed this for Southeast Grind back in April 2009. Now you can own this piece of elegance and be green!

It is only $10 a piece and you will get a 25 cents off each time you use it at Southeast Grind (with your first coffee free). It is available only at Southeast Grind, 1223 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon, just east of Milwaukie Avenue/12th Avenue near the Gideon Street fire station (TriMet lines 9, 17, 19 and 70). It is open 24 hours!

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What a busy month!

As many of you already know, I started my post-graduate studies this past spring (majoring in feminist theology — with a plan to add fine arts major in the near future) and I have fifteen credit hours this fall semester.  Fortunately three of the classes either end early or start in November, so I need to handle only three classes at a given time.

So far I have completed 6 credits

  • 02.02.001 – History of Goddess Worship
  • 04.01.001 – Ecology and Spirit

and have 15 credits by the end of this term

  • 01.01.002 – Anthropology of Shamanism
  • 01.01.006 – The Shaman
  • 02.02.004 – Introduction to Thealogy
  • 03.08.001 – Contextualizing Women in Religion
  • 03.08.005 – Feminist Theology 1

(Why are the shamanism courses given 01.01.x prefix?  The college originally was founded as a training centre for shamans, now it is one of very few truly interfaith seminaries that is not tied to any specific religious institution and encompasses many non-mainstream faiths.)

In addition to this, I have two art shows opening in November (coincidence) and potentially one more that I might enter as well:

And also I have just joined the new curatorial team at the 100th Monkey Studio in Southeast Portland — this involves the organizing and promotion of the monthly art shows, and gives me a valuable practical experience from the side of those who run a gallery.  (In addition, it gives me a studio membership, which is great, as it is always nice to have a dedicated space to work on art.)

How do I get time for all this?  The fact is I operate almost round-the-clock, except when I am sleeping for about 6 hours.  My biggest challenge is to stay focused on the task at hand and have a determination to get it done.

And yes, I still volunteer as a GED tutor at the Julia West House (4 hours/week).

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Re-introducing Art Windows from IrisCat.

Art Windows.  Why get a “window splash” if you can get a real art from a real working artist?  IrisCat is proud to relaunch this after a period of re-evaluation.

This summer, after a period of re-evaluation and hiatus, IrisCat is redefining and relaunching the popular window painting service to do what IrisCat does the best.  It has come to Sarah that even calling it a “window painting” does not do justice.  After three years in business, some people have mistakenly called it a “window treatment”, and even more people have mistaken this for a “window splash.”  The problem is that they all serve different purposes from different technical approaches. What IrisCat Designs does is a commissioned temporary or semi-permanent works of art reflecting the artist’s distinct style informed by various disciplines such as illustration, hand-drawn letterings, and acrylic and watercolor paintings.  Generally, this suits much better for a smaller-sized project.  Unlike other businesses in the area providing window painting or “window splash” services, your project will be done by a real working artist with experiences that include solo and juried shows.

IrisCat Designs is here to provide an elegant, perhaps smaller, and light-hearted (but not grotesque) alternative for businesses that are conscious of the images they project to the community.  With all this, the prices are remarkably affordable (varies by various factors), and whenever feasible environmentally sustainable methods and materials are used.Southeast Grind, April 2009 Southeast Grind, April 2009

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