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November: Sarah’s art all over Southeast Portland! Come to one or all!

By pure coincidence various opportunities opened up for exhibit opportunities this summer, and they are all opening during the first week of November (coming very soon!).

Thursday, November 4 (One day only, only three hours!), 7-10 p.m.
Sometimes a Great Notion
Siren Nation Women’s Arts and Music Festival
at Albina Press on Hawthorne
5012 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 97215
(Event info:

Friday, November 5 (the show runs through December 31)
Opening party 7 p.m.-9 p.m.ish
The Portland Tarot Show
at Splendorporium
3421 SE 21st Avenue 97202
(Event info:

Friday, November 5 (the show runs through the end of the month)
Opening party 6 p.m.-midnight
Facing Fear
at Launchpad Gallery
534 SE Oak Street 97214
(Event info:


More updates follow on Twitter (@SarahMorrigan) or Facebook (search for IrisCat Designs).


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Re-introducing Art Windows from IrisCat.

Art Windows.  Why get a “window splash” if you can get a real art from a real working artist?  IrisCat is proud to relaunch this after a period of re-evaluation.

This summer, after a period of re-evaluation and hiatus, IrisCat is redefining and relaunching the popular window painting service to do what IrisCat does the best.  It has come to Sarah that even calling it a “window painting” does not do justice.  After three years in business, some people have mistakenly called it a “window treatment”, and even more people have mistaken this for a “window splash.”  The problem is that they all serve different purposes from different technical approaches. What IrisCat Designs does is a commissioned temporary or semi-permanent works of art reflecting the artist’s distinct style informed by various disciplines such as illustration, hand-drawn letterings, and acrylic and watercolor paintings.  Generally, this suits much better for a smaller-sized project.  Unlike other businesses in the area providing window painting or “window splash” services, your project will be done by a real working artist with experiences that include solo and juried shows.

IrisCat Designs is here to provide an elegant, perhaps smaller, and light-hearted (but not grotesque) alternative for businesses that are conscious of the images they project to the community.  With all this, the prices are remarkably affordable (varies by various factors), and whenever feasible environmentally sustainable methods and materials are used.Southeast Grind, April 2009 Southeast Grind, April 2009

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Madison, NJ chamber, art council and schools bring community together with holiday window painting


“[Window paintings] will not compete with your window display, but help to enhance it… The window painting will help tie in all the stores and create a beautiful and festive atmosphere throughout our business district for the holidays.”

James Burnet, executive director, Main Street, Madison, NJ.

I am looking for a similar project in which several stores on a same stretch of a street would have a thematically coordinated, serialized window paintings. If anyone know of a neighborhood community and business organizer who can spearhead an effort like this, please contact Sarah Morrigan.

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Iridia Creative launches

directory and resources on felines in retail and business environments

Today the new website officially went online. While focused primarily on Portland, Oregon at the moment, aims to bring resources for business operators who would like to build a sense of community and attract more business through having a “store cat” in a retail or other business environment.

Simultaneously, the site seeks contribution of information, cat stories and pictures from the general public, allow public comments and ratings of cats. Get your kitty fix. Support your local shops.

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See live window painting in action on Nov. 19

I will be working on a relatively large window painting project on Thursday, November 19 from around 9 a.m. till done (in about 3 hours) in Johns Landing, South Portland.

This is a chance for those who would like to see how it is done. I will also be giving out 25% discount on anyone who stops by and makes a reservation for their own location on the spot.

The method I use for window painting eliminates the need for toxic chemicals or possible damages to the windows. The non-toxic paint, durable for about six months once dry without discoloration, can be washed off with soapy water and typical consumer window cleansers (such as Windex) albeit with some patience, so there is no need for paint thinners or other volatile chemicals that can harm people’s health and the environment. It also reduces the possibility of damages and scratches to the windows.

It will be at the Water Tower Postal Annex on Southwest Boundary Street between Corbett and Macadam on November 19.

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Art show opening Sunday, June 28

The Five Rogues plus One

a group show

Darren W. Alexander | Troy Ennis | Larry Patrik May | Rick Miles | C. J. White


Sarah A. Morrigan

June 28 – August 17, 2009

Opening Reception: Sunday, June 28, 2009 – Noon

First Presbyterian Church of Portland

1200 SW Alder St

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It’s your business. Dream it up, and do it, in style.

Download problem fixed: Use this link to download any of the ads below in PDF.


Download the PDF version of this ad.

Looks matter.

Download PDF version of this ad.

The future never was

Download PDF version of this ad

sweet home?

Download PDF

ready for your date?Download PDF

Iridia Creative Production has launched a new marketing campaign and doing it in style! The tagline here is “dream it up, and do it, in style.” More than anything else, small businesses and community organizations are manifestations of someone’s visions and dreams. Entrepreneurs literally “dream up” — envision, innovate and create — and set the world of the future in motion. In this difficult time it is a common temptation to cut down on what one may perceive as “non-essentials.” As a result businesses become too boring and sterile for owners, employees and customers alike (remember that it is the experience that counts in all aspect of turning up the profit), innovations are stymied, and customer communications suffer. I believe that the time has come to do it — and get it done — all in style. Even if heaven forbid some people were to fail, I’d like to see them fail in style, not just fail like a roadkill.

For the rest, I am here to help you achieve what you dream up — in style.

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