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Free Scribus (1.3.9) business card templates for Vistaprint and Nitroprint

These free templates are made specifically for Scribus 1.3.9 or later.  They will not work with the 1.2.x and earlier versions, as Scribus has made a significant changes recently.

Business card template for Download

Business card template for Download

Remember: Actual file you upload when ordering cards must be PDF, fonts embedded, CMYK (process colors) and set for printing (not “screen/web”).

Bonus: If you are a U.S. or Canadian user of Scribus, you may be getting tired of having to set the pages to Letter size every time instead of default A4.  Here is a blank U.S. Letter size sheet with measurement in inches.


For other popular Scribus templates on this site go to!


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How to make your own stylish business card with free software

As many new business operators soon discover, there are simply never too many business cards once they get serious about promoting what they do and have to offer. From local networking groups to coffee shop bulletin boards, there are many places where handing out or exchanging business cards is a must in creating leads and gaining clients.

Some business operators would still like to make their own business cards with their own computers and printers for a variety of reasons: scalability in expenses, flexibility and speed.


Recommended software:

  • Scribus
  • Inkscape

What else you need

  • Pre-perforated business card stock paper such as Avery 8879; or
  • Nice hard card stock paper and paper cutter (desktop rotary cutter is good).
  • This template

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Free for all download: 10-up business card template for Scribus

Here’s a template for U.S. Letter size 10-up business card sheets, such as Avery 8879.

Download here (GZipped Scribus Layout file)

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Free for all download: The least you need to know about writing a web page

Sarah’s introduction to basic HTML skills.

Download PDF

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Free for all download: Postcard template for Scribus

Here is a standard postcard template that meets the United States Postal Service specifications. The blacked-out area “For USPS Use Only” is where the address and USPS barcode go. Simply click on the blacked out area and hit the delete (DEL, not backspace) before printing or exporting.

Download template

This file should open automatically if you have Scribus. If for some reason if you see a decompression software starting, you can either extract the .sla file, or simply start Scribus and open the .sla.gz file.

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