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Free Scribus (1.3.9) business card templates for Vistaprint and Nitroprint

These free templates are made specifically for Scribus 1.3.9 or later.  They will not work with the 1.2.x and earlier versions, as Scribus has made a significant changes recently.

Business card template for Download

Business card template for Download

Remember: Actual file you upload when ordering cards must be PDF, fonts embedded, CMYK (process colors) and set for printing (not “screen/web”).

Bonus: If you are a U.S. or Canadian user of Scribus, you may be getting tired of having to set the pages to Letter size every time instead of default A4.  Here is a blank U.S. Letter size sheet with measurement in inches.


For other popular Scribus templates on this site go to!


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Artist’s conception: Bicycle racks for “the world’s greenest church”

A story of a church bicycle rack

This is a certain large-sized historic church in the Pacific Northwest, with a building that is over a hundred years old.  The church has recently been working on an initiative to make it the “world’s greenest” church (as far as its denomination is concerned) and one of the first ideas that came up was to build bike racks, entirely from salvaged, repurposed and recycled materials.  Here I have made a conception design with used bicycle frames that were turned upside down and welded into a visually pleasing piece of public art that also double as durable bike racks.

Graphic made with Inkscape, converted and slightly edited with GIMP.  The name of the church is blurred out by request.

Thanks to for the mention.

Sarah Morrigan, IrisCat Designs

November 22, 2010 at 12:54 pm 2 comments

Be green, support local business, get a reusable cup.

Southeast Grind reusable cup with design by Sarah Morrigan

For those who remember, I have designed this for Southeast Grind back in April 2009. Now you can own this piece of elegance and be green!

It is only $10 a piece and you will get a 25 cents off each time you use it at Southeast Grind (with your first coffee free). It is available only at Southeast Grind, 1223 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon, just east of Milwaukie Avenue/12th Avenue near the Gideon Street fire station (TriMet lines 9, 17, 19 and 70). It is open 24 hours!

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Fall and rise of empires?

This past week news outlets have reported that now the economy of Japan has been eclipsed by that of the People’s Republic of China (not certain if the figure includes Hong Kong and Macau).  It is interesting to see the history make a full circle, with the reemergence of both China and India as the potential next superpowers.  China and India (the other two being Egypt and Mesopotamia/Iraq) were known as the four major ancient civilizations.

On the other hand, Japan as a true empire lasted only from the late 19th century with its defeat of the Russian navy and ended in the 1990s as Japan’s economic dominance began to wane.

It appears today that Japan has no future, except through some kind of union with China.  Only a decade ago I could have proposed a union of Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan as a kind of “Oriental Union.”  Today it seems that Taiwan’s clout is soon about to evaporate, and no such union can possibly counter China’s increasing dominance in economy and geopolitics.

As I was thinking over this interesting historical development, I have conceived this proposed design for the new flag and emblem of Japan, if it were to become annexed into China.

Image Hosted by
By iridiacreative at 2010-08-31

Image Hosted by
By iridiacreative at 2010-08-31

This was a quick project just to show my conception of the design.  The purple, the colour of Japanese aubergine, is one of the traditional colours of Japanese fabrics.  The design of the emblem reflects common Japanese themes of the ocean waves, Mt. Fuji and a cherry blossom, while also conforming to the design standard of such emblems that include five stars of five points, evoking the national flag of China that features five stars, to symbolize the region’s ties to the People’s Republic of China.  Overall design of the emblem is also a cross between classical Japanese heraldic design (the mon) and a composition of a typical socialist national emblem.

This is intended to be a parody.  No further political statement is implied.

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How to make your own stylish business card with free software

As many new business operators soon discover, there are simply never too many business cards once they get serious about promoting what they do and have to offer. From local networking groups to coffee shop bulletin boards, there are many places where handing out or exchanging business cards is a must in creating leads and gaining clients.

Some business operators would still like to make their own business cards with their own computers and printers for a variety of reasons: scalability in expenses, flexibility and speed.


Recommended software:

  • Scribus
  • Inkscape

What else you need

  • Pre-perforated business card stock paper such as Avery 8879; or
  • Nice hard card stock paper and paper cutter (desktop rotary cutter is good).
  • This template

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a big white fluffy cat.


Inkscape 0.46

Download this image (Scalable Vector Graphic format)

Turn your cat picture into a vector file clip art — there are hundreds of uses for it. Now for $40 for one picture, or $100 for three. Contact Sarah for details.

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