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Re-introducing Art Windows from IrisCat.

Art Windows.  Why get a “window splash” if you can get a real art from a real working artist?  IrisCat is proud to relaunch this after a period of re-evaluation.

This summer, after a period of re-evaluation and hiatus, IrisCat is redefining and relaunching the popular window painting service to do what IrisCat does the best.  It has come to Sarah that even calling it a “window painting” does not do justice.  After three years in business, some people have mistakenly called it a “window treatment”, and even more people have mistaken this for a “window splash.”  The problem is that they all serve different purposes from different technical approaches. What IrisCat Designs does is a commissioned temporary or semi-permanent works of art reflecting the artist’s distinct style informed by various disciplines such as illustration, hand-drawn letterings, and acrylic and watercolor paintings.  Generally, this suits much better for a smaller-sized project.  Unlike other businesses in the area providing window painting or “window splash” services, your project will be done by a real working artist with experiences that include solo and juried shows.

IrisCat Designs is here to provide an elegant, perhaps smaller, and light-hearted (but not grotesque) alternative for businesses that are conscious of the images they project to the community.  With all this, the prices are remarkably affordable (varies by various factors), and whenever feasible environmentally sustainable methods and materials are used.Southeast Grind, April 2009 Southeast Grind, April 2009


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Five old-fashioned arts to grow your business today

Today it seems as though all what one must do to grow his or her business is to get online, find as many Facebook friends and tweet every other minute.  While social media and Web 2.0 have dramatically transformed the way we do and grow business, it is important never to forget why they have done so: They have moved the marketing from primarily a one-way street (such was the case with broadcast advertising and older web-based marketing) to a moderately unregulated and decentralized relationship, or conversation, coming and going in all directions.

This brings the business back to the spirit of a more traditional age, when most shopkeepers and salespeople grew their wealth out of conversations, relationship, words-of-mouths and their reputations in the wider society.

It does not take an expensive campaign or a rocket science to cultivate such a beneficial relationship. Here are five easy and inexpensive ways to move your business from purely a pursuit of sales figures to a solid foundation for a long-term prosperity.


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How to make your own stylish business card with free software

As many new business operators soon discover, there are simply never too many business cards once they get serious about promoting what they do and have to offer. From local networking groups to coffee shop bulletin boards, there are many places where handing out or exchanging business cards is a must in creating leads and gaining clients.

Some business operators would still like to make their own business cards with their own computers and printers for a variety of reasons: scalability in expenses, flexibility and speed.


Recommended software:

  • Scribus
  • Inkscape

What else you need

  • Pre-perforated business card stock paper such as Avery 8879; or
  • Nice hard card stock paper and paper cutter (desktop rotary cutter is good).
  • This template

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It’s your business. Dream it up, and do it, in style.

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Looks matter.

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The future never was

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sweet home?

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ready for your date?Download PDF

Iridia Creative Production has launched a new marketing campaign and doing it in style! The tagline here is “dream it up, and do it, in style.” More than anything else, small businesses and community organizations are manifestations of someone’s visions and dreams. Entrepreneurs literally “dream up” — envision, innovate and create — and set the world of the future in motion. In this difficult time it is a common temptation to cut down on what one may perceive as “non-essentials.” As a result businesses become too boring and sterile for owners, employees and customers alike (remember that it is the experience that counts in all aspect of turning up the profit), innovations are stymied, and customer communications suffer. I believe that the time has come to do it — and get it done — all in style. Even if heaven forbid some people were to fail, I’d like to see them fail in style, not just fail like a roadkill.

For the rest, I am here to help you achieve what you dream up — in style.

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